Undergraduates ought to be employable before graduation.

At LearnInStud, we teach you how to build a professional profile and relevant employability skills even as a student, so you would have minimal waiting and job-hunting time after graduation.

Fundamentals of LinkedIn

Learn how you can get started with the LinkedIn platform and establish your personal brand.

Leveraging the LinkedIn platform

Put your LinkedIn account to use, and maximize all the opportunities you get from the platform.

Communication in the workplace

Communcation is key to sharing Ideas and bonding in the workplace. Lear to communicate correctly.

Teamwork in the workplace

Make working as a group easy and ,ore productive by learning how to be a good team player.

Employability Leverage 1.0 Highlights

How to find opportunities in the …

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Read and Learn

A selection of Ebooks written to guide you through all that you need to learn.